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Cultivated Heart Reviews

“I have really enjoyed this study.  I also have been so blessed to have met you! You do have such a wonderful gift from our Father in creating these studies. I know God has touched many many lives through you!   It's so inspiring to see such joy and love you have for the Lord and the care and concern you have for his children.  Thank you for being so open and vulnerable to us.   Love from a sister in Christ who is cultivating her heart!”

, NE



“This is awesome!  I thank God for you all the time.  I love you and all God is doing through you in the bible study.  God is so good.  I love this study!”

Karen H.
Omaha, NE



“It is inspired.  You are the real deal.”

Jill B.
Omaha, NE



Tara has been a wonderful teacher to me during a difficult time in my life.  Her study, Cultivated Hearts, has opened my eyes to the many promises of God for those who are willing to give up their own heart and allow Him to deeply root Christ-like characteristics within it.  Tara teaches with incredible passion and has helped me develop a new found love and desire for God.  Thanks Tara.”

Tanya B

Omaha, NE



Daybreak Reviews

“I have enjoyed several of Tara’s Bible studies including Daybreak and Cultivated Heart.  All of Tara’s studies are marked with real intimacy with scripture and the Lord.  I think what I enjoy most is how each study is pursuing truth in many ways at once; you are exposed to intimate, detailed understanding of scripture while stepping back and learning broader truths about God and your relationship with Him.  Tara’s studies are interesting and bring easy to understand life application to those new to Bible study and yet the studies are so full, revealing layer after layer of truth, that even seasoned Christians will find plenty of ‘ah ha!’ moments.”

Lea S
, TX



Resting in His Reality

As Tara taught the Resting in His Reality study to a women's group at our church I came away from our time together refreshed, challenged, and desirous of a more intimate walk with God. Tara's perspective captivated me with her passion for God and that caused me to dig deeper into the Word of God to find the treasures she had found. I appreciate Tara's fervor for prayer. I know she walks intimately with the Lord God Almighty.

Cypress, Texas




Tell It Well

"Tell It Well" has changed my life!  My heart has longed to tell people about Jesus, but I've been hesitant to do so.  As a new believer, I felt inadequate and certain that I would say the wrong things.  In all honesty, I also feared rejection and criticism.  What if I came across as a religious fanatic or someone challenged my limited knowledge of scripture? 


"Tell It Well" has given me new confidence in this area.  Among other things, I learned that help is available.  If I allow the Holy Spirit to communicate through me, the right words will naturally flow out.  I also learned that it is not necessary to memorize the Bible - - something I am not very good at doing.  For me, I have found that it works best to share the general idea of the story using my own casual "conversational" words.  Most important, I have learned that all I can do is sow seeds and pray that they land on fertile ground.  The rest is up to the Lord.


The first time I storied a portion of the Bible was during "Tell It Well".  I shared a story from ACTs with my 6-year-old daughter using words that she could easily understand.  At the end of the story, she complimented me saying, "Mommy, I really liked that story!"  What a blessing!  "Tell It Well" has changed my life because it has motivated and equipped me to follow in the disciples footsteps by going out and telling the world about Jesus.

Donna M. Blum (42)

Omaha, NE

Community Group


Tara Rye is a gifted teacher and writer.  I had the privilege of studying "Tell It Well" under her.  It was a great study, written in Tara's enlightening style.  it gave me a totally new insight into the dedication and zeal of these committed apostles, some willing to die to spread the Word.  I came away each week amazed at how much more she showed me from her depth and knowledge of these passages than what I had read.

Marjorie McNulty (60's)

Omaha, NE

Women's Bible Study


Jesus said to go and make disciples of all men.  But most of us, myself included, have no idea how to do that, or even what it looks like.


If and when we do get questioned about our faith, we have a tendency to shy away or we want to refer them to a pastor or a bible teacher…and change the conversation back to something we know or feel comfortable sharing.  Is the problem that we don’t know our faith or is it that we fear that we might say something wrong? 


When people speak they tell what they know.  When going through Tara Rye’s study on the book of Acts, I read the same chapter in 5 different translations then answered some truly thought provoking questions.  I really knew, understood and remembered what I was learning.  I now have a comfort level in the book of Acts and therefore I am able to Tell it Well.  

Beth Hansen (46)

Omaha, NE

In Home Small Group Study


Tell It Well helped me to look at the Word in a fresh new way. Wow! God never stopped amazing me with fresh new insight through this study by having the various versions of the bible in the study. What a blessing to see more into the love and mind of Christ and what purpose He had in mind to tell it well through everyday people like me.

Deanna Woeppel (60's)

Omaha, NE

Women's Bible Study



I really like the depth we went into for each chapter, seeing many translations and study to go along. I was able to get so much out of our discussions and the speaking.

Sarah O'Connor (27)

Omaha, NE

Marketplace Bible Study


This study is very applicable to today! I have learned so much through God speaking through Tara, and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get over any fear of telling Biblical truths to others!
Rachel Hoppe (22)

Omaha, NE

Marketplace Bible Study


Reading the passages over of the Bible over and over allows for my mind to shut down and allow for the spirit to open up.

Kristen Livingston

Omaha, NE (40's)

In Home Small Group Study


Dear sweet sister-
Tonight I finished the first night of Acts 7..... I know Christs healing is abundant! More scales fell tonight to reveal THE AWESOMENESS of OUR GOD!!! Praise Him for all He has done for us, His children...Thank you Lord!  And a great thank you to you Mrs. Tara Rye!  A lovely "Storyier"! Go girl for God! I am sad you will not be with us for the last night of our study but completely understand! If you can find the time, I would love to sit with you and "dine" on our Gods holy words of this chapter!   I prayfully thank Him for your  ""SHINING" eyes which see the light of His words HE has placed in front of you!  I pray to God our Father for continued opening of your heart, mind, soul and eyes that see what He is wanting to reveal to His all in the incredibleness of only His amazing ability! Love you with all His abundant SHINING love, Margie

Omaha, NE (40's)

In Home Small Group Study


Experiencing Tell it Well has challenged me in new ways.  This Bible study is a unique way to study the Word and share God's Word.  Storying the Word of God has made it come alive to my kids and others.  I believe Jesus used this technique to appeal to our senses and is a great model for us to use.  

Kim Schieman

Omaha, NE

Open Door Mission


I was impacted by how God used me to share chapter 8 in Acts. Just knowing that no matter what I was God still can use me to reach others.

Bret T. (38)

Omaha, NE

Open Door Mission

(Bret storied Acts in class and when he finished the entire class was in awe of God. I don't think any of them thought one of them could do it and when he did it, it proved to them that they could do anything. I have Bret's storying on video.)


This Bible study helped bring a fuller understanding of scripture.

Eric Wheelock (man, 36)

Omaha, NE

Community Group


It was educational and awesome to study the Bible with and share with others.

Kelly Blum (man, 42)

Omaha, NE

Community Group


This study was word and application. It allows the reader to make changes as you allow the Holy Spirit to work in one's life. I learned so much in reading the different versions of scripture. I really did have to be intentional about this. I loved the personal stories that directly related to the passage. Lot's of prayer and love went into this study and it is very evident.

Tracy Bingham (49)

Omaha, NE

Community Group


It let me know how to deal with my inner spirit on how people feel about my actions. Being accountable for my actions with others.

Rubin T. (?)

Omaha, NE

Open Door Mission


Tara when you tell Acts Bible story I have a great understanding of the Bible. Before I had no understanding of the Bible. I didn't know how to apply the Bible to my life. Today because of you I read something out of the Bible every day. I also have greater understanding. Reading the Bible tells me how great God loves me and I'm never alone because He is always there with me no matter what I'm going through. I am not alone. Thank GOD!

Michelle W. (41)

Omaha, NE

Open Door Mission



We really love all the Biblical storying we have gotten from Tara Rye. It is very uplifting and I love every bit of it. Thanks for all the socializing it has brought to both Curt and I.

Curt & Teresa Valentine (69, 65)

Omaha, NE

Community Group


It was a very complete, well thought-out curriculum with great pertinent testimonies weaved through the lessons. The storying was a new dynamic and proved to me to be a powerful way to communicate God's Word!

Andy Bingham (61)

Omaha, NE

Community Group


I really enjoy Tell it well because it stretches me to think and rethink the same passage. Once I have learned it, I have confidence to share with others what I have learned. I love to share the good news of Jesus. I love knowing a natural way to tell others. I am blessed and my life is richer because of the study.

Sabrina Wright (30)

Omaha, NE

In home Bible study


“Tell it Well” by Linda Thorson


My words will never adequately describe the range of emotions I experienced in the “Tell it Well” study taught be Tara Rye. I smile as I write because Tara has been my teacher and spiritual mentor for many years now, and I never would have guessed the upcoming Bible study would increase my faith and trustworthiness like never before.


 Naturally, when someone is asked to step from their comfort zone and do something completely uncomfortable and foreign, the reaction is typically negative. And so it was for myself and the majority of the wonderful women of God alongside me.


Alarm bells sounded as terror gripped me from within. Nauseating fear and angst followed as we listened to Tara’s opening remarks as she outlined her expectations for the fall semester. “Each small group of women will read their assigned verses for 3-4 minutes, and then a volunteer from each group will come to the front of the room and story-tell these verses back to the class.”


“No way! Not me! I screamed from inside! I refuse to do this when I know I can’t remember that many verses! I won’t be humiliated in front of the class! Within moments, my mind was made up. I’m bowing out and switching to another Bible study class. Not surprisingly, every other woman appeared as paralyzed and shocked as I was, and ready to bolt through the nearest door!


With my head hanging I sauntered to the car with a mission to accomplish. Get a hold of Tara and politely bow out. As words began to spew from my mouth, Tara patiently listened. I sat motionless as Tara encouraged me to remain in the class. She promised I would only have to story-tell if I decided to do so. Relieved, I hung up the phone assured that day would never come.


Sunday morning I waltzed into church feeling joy and gladness, delighting in the freedom I felt. The burden was gone! It wasn’t long before I realized the Lord was speaking directly to me as Dr. Dodd began his sermon. Undoubtedly, the title could have read; To Linda, with love…


Shock and awe best describes how I felt as I listened to Curt so eloquently speak the Word of God. He spoke about trusting, walking in fear, pride, and faithfulness. He challenged us to step out and glorify God. I thought my heart would break from anguish and guilt. Obviously, God knew what I needed to hear. Unbelievably; ... I decided to listen! I marched myself out the church door and triumphantly called Tara. “I will be story-telling this week!!


As Thursday arrived, I praised God for His Spirit of peace and thanksgiving. I was ready to glorify God. As I took my turn at the front of the class I felt rest and confidence, assured Spirit God was in surely in charge. The holy expression of His Spirit within was spilled in glorious wonder. Clearly, the Counselor had spoken. My heart was delirious with joy as I silently praised His holy Name!


Remarkably, I began to thirst for more and embraced the opportunity to story-tell again before Tara’s study was complete. At semester’s end, I passed through the door for the last time pondering this pivotal experience. “God is preparing you,” said the ladies. God’s peace overcame me as I walked to the car rejoicing His goodness, particularly the driving force of His saving grace that is teaching me complete obedience, trust, and unfaltering faithfulness in Jesus Christ.


 I assumed my story-telling days were finished. Imagine the look on my face as I read the e-mail from Tara inviting me to story Acts 7 at the ODM…not the 24 verses I’d done in class, no, no… “You will story-tell ALL of Acts 7 to the people at Open Door Mission!” …..Story-tell all 60 verses of Acts 7?!!.... preferably with few notes??!” “You have got to be kidding, Tara!  I don’t recall a season in my life when I’ve had such agonizing fear and distress, with the exception of the onset of our son’s mental illness. Never! Immediately, I began to agonize about the months ahead. Lot’s of time to learn Acts 7, but too many days to worry and fret! At last the date was set, and I thought I am going to crumble from frustration. Our son and his wife were coming to town that Wednesday staying for the entire weekend. Dinners were planned, and everyone was pumped for the tail-gate on Saturday for the NU-Texas football rivalry. Also, this was the weekend of my first speaking engagement scheduled for Friday night. Realizing my focus was not where it needed to be, a thought struck me like lightening! I have reason to renege!  J


Expecting compassion from Tara, I joyfully picked up the phone… only to hear what I should have expected from my no nonsense teacher. She didn’t give me an out! Nothing! Frustration consumed me again!


Days later I received an email from Tara. “This is not supposed to cause you such worry and distress. If it is, you shouldn’t be doing it.” I humbly e-mailed Tara admitting my angst and stress, and politely declined the invitation~ J


My Dear, Dear Tara…she just wouldn’t go away… Lord in heaven, I was about to receive one of the firmest, fiery, determined, resolute emails I had ever received!  (YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON GOD BEING GLORIFIED!!) “This can’t be, not again. More guilt, guilt, guilt!!!

“That’s it,” I said, “The timing is bad, the weekend is worse, but okay, okay! I will do it!!!” 


Praise God for His sensitivity! Tara had been so consumed with her writing, teaching, doctorate, meeting several deadlines, and raising two beautiful children, that she innocently forgot to tell me Acts 7…. was going to be delayed!! Relief and gratitude oozed from within. Thank you, Jesus for at least changing the date! J


I studied Acts 7 day and night. I read Stephan’s speech from various Bibles and commentaries trying to understand why he discussed the history of Israel instead of defending himself to the Jewish Sanhedrin. I begged to understand, praying for God’s wisdom, and pleading for revelation... Slowly but surely, Jesus poured His glorious understanding…


But, I thought November would never arrive! All I could think of was getting through 60 verses. I was convinced I needed a miracle. I know my limitations!! J Sincerely,… I will remember this day as one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Standing in God’s strength, I boldly began to testify as Stephan did so many years ago. I felt God’s indwelling, and I marveled His loving abundance as the Spirit was completely unleashed. With passion and fervor, Jesus within poured His wisdom surpassing my wildest expectations. 


As Stephan’s speech came to a close, the students were asked to share what they learned. Heartfelt words spilled from their hearts blessing me profoundly. I believe God was honoring my new found faithfulness. What a wonderful morning for teachers and students alike. Truly, there is nothing like witnessing the goodness and glory of our great Lord and Savior!


I humbly thank Tara Rye for her fierce love and dedication to Christ Jesus that provided an unforgettable journey so faith and obedience would surely increase for the glory of God~  


What a gift, what a treasure, what an opportunity we have to teach others the art of story-telling. One day, I will likely forget how I sinfully worried myself to death. However, I will remember God’s grace that carried me through. Forever, I will praise Him for teaching me implicit trust, Forever, I will honor Him for deepening my roots as I earnestly strive to never doubt again.


Thank you, Tara for this thought provoking, challenging, life altering study, I thank you for insisting I persevere! Upon reflection, there is nothing in recent memory that has tested my will like this powerful study. I journeyed from fear and frustration, to trust and obedience as Jesus called me to step out… that He could gently step in! I love you Jesus!  J

Linda Thorson (50's)    

Women's Bible Study

Omaha, NE

(I have video of Linda's telling at the ODM! It was amazing! It is very long because of the length of scripture, but it was so powerful that women and men at the mission were moved to tears.)






Hey Tara,


Just wanted to touch base with you. Ironically, I was opening up my yahoo to email you and saw your email. I will definitely pray for them. That will be a pretty intense meeting from what is briefly described. What is HS stand for? 


I was just reading in Hebrew 12 and 13 this morning, which is pretty powerful stuff. 13:1-3 talks about entertaining strangers. Just three days ago, this nice old lady named Lou (short for Louise) just could not stop talking to me at the grocery store. I remember thinking that there is a reason she is talking to me. She is probably lonely, but was so nice. It probably meant the world to her that I, a stranger, would stop to talk to her for a few minutes. I would do it anytime as I have in the past, but this time it felt special. I have a soft spot for the elderly and they seem drawn to me too. She started talking to me about how things are getting so expensive. The only thing that seemed odd was that she told me where she lived and to come over to make preserves. I hope she doesn't tell everyone where she lives. Then a friend of mind mis-text me the next day that her friend, a guy, named Lou and his renters are out of food. :( Then in Hebrews 13:16 is talks about not forgetting to share and to do good. So I emailed her to see if I can offer them some food. I know that I do not have a job and that I am pretty much broke, but I still have a lot to give even if it is a small amount. I hope I am not reading into things too much, but this is how it is for me all the time lately. Things will happen and then revelations will be confirmed when I read or hear the word of God. I think if anything it gets me to think differently which is outward thinking to help people rather than thinking inwardly about all of my needs. Also 13:7-9 was good too. My soon to be ex (who belives in God) has been telling me just to be careful with this church thing because people can interpret things differently or make you belive certain things which aren't of God. Although I understand the concern and do feel their are false teachers out there, I don't feel that way with you and with Calvary. I get such a sense of peace with it. I know that everything we talk about comes straight from the word of God and it's so powerful for me personally. He ended up wanting to pray with me that night after he prayed..which was awesome and not typical!


I know that Jesus is my savior and what he has done for me in my mind, but I don't think I truly felt how magnificant that was in my heart until this week. I was praying and crying of course realizing how much he loves us and how profound it is that he can love millions upon millions of people all at the same time and that all he wants is to know Him. But for me, it was so profound that I actually heard thunder while at the end of my prayer. Maybe it was coincidence, but I don't feel like it was.  


I was watching Kenneth Copeland this morning and they were talking about how Peter said we have been redeemed and its not with silver and its not with gold but with the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ..that God said this is my man, this how much he's worth to me. The price Jesus paid for us far exceeds anything that we can imagine. Having Jesus in my life is better than having any carnal fleshly thing in my life (still working on that daily). I love what God has done for me and how he is working in my life. I LOVE that I get to meet such wonderful people such as yourself. I really liked hearing that today and that I was able to understand what they were talking about because we are studying that in our bible study with Acts. I am learning so much and just love the study sessions. I may not vocalize what I am reading because for me it's hard to put it into words even though I feel and know it in my heart, but I am taking it all in. I'm new to all of this, but am so excited to learn and do so much more. I get so many revelations all the time, that its awesome and I love it. I think I wasn't really listening or understanding before an earthquake shook me to my core, which is when God truly revealed Himself to me and I accepted him, and let Him take hold of my life. Since then, it has been a wonderful whirlwind and I'm so thankful! I hope I didn't ramble too much, just wanted you to share that with you and to let you know that I'm so glad we met and that I enjoy our time learning together. I get teary eyed thinking about how when I was at my lowest, I was re-aquanted with Sara and how she reached out to me when she hesitated about giving me scripture not realizing that I was already reading and listening to Kenneth Copeland at that time and how it all came together. God truly does come to the aid when you need it the most and like you said weeks ago, it usually happens during an earthquake in your life. You know, the friends that I have who are dear to me and are christian cannot give to me what this group and calvary does. The pastor talked last week about not being a closet christian. When I was out with them a few weeks ago, I brought it up a little and got instant push back. They do not want to talk about it. It really saddens me, but makes me VERY greatful that I have this strong group of women to study the bible with. You are making an impact in my life ... and I want you to know that I appreciate that! ( If you can't tell I like to talk) :)   


As for the speaker, I think I will be able to go. I just need to check the calendar with what my kids have going on. I was just thinking that morning before you emailed that I don't have anything to go to - I had the Women's Overnight and the Set me free fear thing last week, but nothing else, so I hope I can make it work to go hear him speak. I think it will be great! 



Have a great day!

~ Terra Vincent

In Home Bible Study




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